What Do You Know About Mobile Banking?


Mobile banking and the use of smartphone bank apps is on the rise. No matter which financial institution you do business with, chances are in the future you’ll be doing a lot more of it on your phone.

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“Property Services Regulatory Authority Register” just rolls off the tongue…

journey to solvency

When it comes to naming things, the Property Services Regulatory Authority Register isn’t likely to win any awards. Is it even the right type of register?

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Will Proposed Personal Insolvency Bill Help Mortgage Arrears?


The Irish government recently published its much anticipated Personal Insolvency bill.

At least it’s a less dramatic title than the We’re Economically F**ked bill.

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We Bailed Them Out. Nothing Has Changed.


From Primetime on RTE to Question Time on the BBC, public anger is coming through loud and clear.

We bailed out the banks because we were told they were “too big to fail” but nothing has changed.  [Read more...]

Lord of the PIIGS: the Great Recession Decade

Recession Decade


Back in 2008 I remember reading an article by an economist who said if we want to see what happens in the aftermath of a property bubble, look at Japan.

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How Getting An Irish Mortgage Has Changed


Retro warning! The following blogpost describes how getting an Irish mortgage has changed over the years.

Any dodgy hairstyles and clothing have been replaced by actors to protect the innocent.

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