Moral Hazard


There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about moral hazard when discussing the repayment of loans. What exactly does it mean and why should we care?  [Read more...]

Banking Code On Personal Mortgages


The Central Bank has revised the code by which Commercial Banks deal with mortgages that are in arrears. The original code which was brought in in 2009 due to pressue from people who were in arrears. [Read more...]

House Prices Continued To Fall In 2010


The price of houses fell by a reported 15% during the past year, according to the property website This means that prices has now dropped by about 40% from the peak in 2007. [Read more...]

House Pricing Bubble and Subsequent Property Crash


There have been many discussions and articles written in recent times as to why the bubble in property prices had not been forecast, and the subsequent crash in the Irish market. [Read more...]